Download a full INSEE's series key list

get_idbank_list(..., dataset = NULL, update = FALSE)



one or several dataset names


if a dataset name is provided, only a subset of the data is delivered, otherwise all the data is returned, and column names refer directly to data dimensions


It is FALSE by default, if it is set to TRUE, it triggers the metadata update. This update is automatically triggered once every 6 months.


a tibble the idbank dataset


Download a mapping dataset between INSEE series keys (idbank) and SDMX series names. Under the hood the get_idbank_list uses download.file function from utils, the user can change the mode argument with the following command : Sys.getenv(INSEE_download_option_idbank_list = "wb") If INSEE makes an update, the user can also change the zip file downloaded, the data file contained in the zip and data the separator : Sys.setenv(INSEE_idbank_dataset_path = "new_zip_file_link") Sys.setenv(INSEE_idbank_sep = ",") Sys.setenv(INSEE_idbank_dataset_file = "new_data_file_name")


# \donttest{
# download datasets list
dt = get_dataset_list()
#> Cached data has been used
# use a dataset name to retrieve the series key list related to the dataset
idbank_list = get_idbank_list('CNT-2014-PIB-EQB-RF')
#> Cached data has been used
# }